Programme Introduction

RISE – Raising Innovative Social Enterprises has been conceived by SEED – Social Entrepreneurship and Equity Development. SEED was founded in 2009, and serves as a platform for the development and facilitation of social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It supports the growth of this ecosystem through training, education, curriculum development, incubation and mentoring, engaging all stakeholders in the process.

RISE will be co-delivered with Cockpit Arts, a social enterprise and the only creative business incubator for craftspeople in the UK. It has up to 170 small businesses as residents at its studios in central and south London. The programme will be executed in collaboration with and at Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture (IVS) in Karachi, with the support of British Council under its ‘Developing inclusive and Creative Economies – DICE’ Fund to support the growth and development of creative industries in Pakistan.

 The essence of RISE – Raising Innovative Social Enterprises, is to support the development and growth of creative social enterprises in Pakistan by establishing Pakistan’s first-ever creative social incubator and draw attention to a new class of entrepreneurs i.e. creative social entrepreneurs. We want to keep this programme as inclusive and diverse as possible. Women creative social entrepreneurs and members form minority/marginalised communities are encouraged to apply. Our focus is not on one specific segment in the creative industry, therefore we will consider applications from different sectors across the creative industry.