Advisory Board

Faraz Khan - CEO, SEED Ventures

Faraz Khan is a UK-based Pakistani social entrepreneur, investor, published author and public speaker. He is regarded as a leading authority on social entrepreneurship and believes in bringing a positive change in the society with forward-thinking business models that allow him to fulfil a personal commitment to improve the lives of people in the UK, Pakistan and beyond. He is passionate about bridging gaps between continents and nations through entrepreneurship, business and trade.

Asad ul Haq - Director Filmaker

A true new waver and a sci-fi fan that loves making films. Asad has been the rebel of his family, friends and work life for as long as he can remember and have always gotten along with odd balls. He loves music, fast
cars, and riding his Harley around town at the crack of dawn. Blade runner has been a great inspiration and a turning point in his life ever since he saw it shining on the big screen many years ago. Asad doesn't run away from challenges, he runs over them because mediocrity bores him. His love of experimenting with storyboards, shooting outdoors and showing off in huge frames allows him to give a new angle to the traditional story line.

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi - Artist

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s talents and passions range from fashion design, photography and painting, to food science and farming. The cultivated man has been successful at anything he touches,. Qureshi’s creative streak was recognized immediately when he began to design clothes for himself for his work. The designs became very popular and brought an Indian cavalier charm to the horse shows. After graduation Yousuf opened a fashion café in Lincoln, Nebraska, called the Silk Café, after the Silk route that runs along the Pakistani border. It was here that Yousuf learned the technicalities and craftsmanship of fashion design. The designer moved to Los Angeles in 1997 where Hollywood noticed the unique South Asian artistry of Bashir’s aesthetics.

Sidra Iqbal - Broadcast journalist & Development Activist

Sidra Iqbal is a celebrated broadcast journalist and development activist from Pakistan. She is one of the most powerful youth icons recognized as an influential big-picture change agent who champions causes of substance and highlights the real issues. She is the first Pakistani to be presented the GR8 Women Award for Journalism 2014 by the Government of UAE. This year she is the first Pakistani to be invited to the esteemed International Leadership Program, a diplomatic fellowship initiative of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK. She is also an IVLP alumni of the US State Department (International Visitors Leadership Program 2011). Sidra presently hosts a signature news morning show; "Aaj Pakistan with SidraIqbal" on Aaj News, aired Monday to Friday at 9am.

Shaiyanne Malik - Entreprenuer

Shaiyanne Malik is an Entrepreneur, and a Pioneer in the Fashion Industry of Pakistan, having travelled extensively showcasing and highlighting Pakistani Fashion and Culture, she held the first ever Fashion Week of Pakistan, introducing young talent and upcoming designers to an international market. This has become a regular feature now attracting buyers from all over. A decade ago Shaiyanne started developing skill centres in remote villages, undertaking many Training Programmes in Rural villages all over Pakistan. Her endeavours to establishing linkages with rural Artisans and urban designers has led to many of the artisans work being regularly featured in fashion shows locally and abroad.